Olive Oil Tasting

Just as we are not only our physical appearance, the charm of the olive oil does not lie in its exclusive manufacturing process, in its original packaging or its culinary application, but in its “tasting”.

And what is “tasting” olive oil?

Tasting olive oil is a romantic process 🙂 It is to merge with the product after having analyzed it with all our senses, especially the taste and smell.

With our senses fully focused on olive oil, it will be how we express what the product evokes us, what makes us feel.

What do I need to taste the olive oil?

  • If we want to make a tasting as professional as possible, instead of using a transparent glass -usually-, we should use an opaque glass so that the color of the olive oil that we are “tasting” does not interfere with our subsequent perception in the mouth and nose.
  • Have a good disposition and ability to concentrate. If we are not fully involved and willing to evade what surrounds us, it will be truly complex to perceive all the richness and nuances of the oil both on the nose and in the mouth.
  • Experience !!!. Like any other product, we need to train our senses, test and test, repeat and do it again.

What should I avoid doing in the oil tasting?

  • Being too perfumed
  • Smoking before tasting
  • Eat before the tasting
  • Try to “taste” while having colds or if we suffer from any ailment / condition that alters our olfactory or gustatory perception.
  • Tasting without taking breaks. If we do not rest, we will achieve the well-known “sensory fatigue”. It is recommended to breathe in and out through the nose repeatedly during breaks.

What is the process?

  1. We will pour a little olive oil in a small glass that we will cover by hand.
  2. We will “caress” – we said it was a romantic process! – the glass to temper it and achieve a temperature of 28º. We can gently balance the glass so that the aroma intensifies.
  3. We will raise the hand that we have used as a lid to slowly and deeply inhale the liquid gold that we have tempered.

The first thing we must ask ourselves is if it smells good or smells bad !!!. It’s that simple.

  • The next questions are: does it smell like fruit or vegetables?
  • It smells like fresh fruit or ripe fruit?
  • What fruit does it smell to me? to which vegetable?
  1. Already with this feeling and having passed 30 sg approx. from the olfactory phase, it is when we will proceed to taste the oil and discover what sensations we have in the mouth. We try just a little oil !!! It is not a drink. It’s just a little. For this, it is not necessary to ingest it quickly, but we must distribute the olive oil throughout the oral cavity so that it is impregnated and perceives to the maximum what the oil wants to offer us.
  2. We must also assess the sensation that we perceive on the palate the seconds after the tasting.

What we must value in the olive oil tasting are those notes of its aroma, intensity, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, balance, aroma / taste ratio, etc. We must feel something similar to what we have smelled.

Between tastes, we must clean our mouths with apple bits and sparkling water / water.

We have designed this infographic of the tasting process, we trust that it will help you!


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spaguetti carbonara aove green gold oh

Spaghetti carbonara with green evoo, spinach and pistachios

Ingredients (for 4 people)

  • 500 gr spaghetti gragnano (d.o.p)
  • 15 grams raw pistachio
  • 30 grams fresh baby spinach
  • 125 grams guanciale (cured pork jowl)
  • 220 grams grana Padano (D.O.P.)
  • 35 grams green evoo Oh! (D.O.P.)
  • 7 egg yolks
  • Freshly ground pepper, coarsely ground
  • Generous salt for the cooking water


* The cured pork jowl can be replaced by Iberian bacon, salted bacon or Iberian loin * The cheese can be cured or Parmesan, pecorino or grana Padano; the important thing is the earthy texture after grating it

  • Guanciale  is a cured pork product similar to pancetta (that is, unsmoked bacon), but made from the pig’s jowls or cheeks rather than the pork belly. It’s an essential ingredient in classic pasta carbonara. 
  • Zabaione is an Italian dessert, or sometimes a beverage, made with egg yolks, sugar, and a sweet wine (see picture to have an idea) 


We start by heating water by being generous in salt. While the water is on the fire, we cut wide and long half-pinkie guanciale tacos.

We toast these tacos until they are crispy “torrezno” type in a non-stick frying pan. We reserve.

We finely grate the 220 grams of grana padano and mix them with the egg yolks and the green evoo, obtaining a paste similar to a zabaione. This olive oil achieves a very uniform and linked paste, as well as giving a touch of freshness and greenery. We reserve this pasta.

We roast the pistachios without adding oil in a small saucepan, being careful not to burn them. Freshly roasted pistachios are much more powerful in flavor with no added salt; They offer a more intense and creamy flavor.

Once the water boils we take the gragnano type pasta and boil it for 2 minutes less than the manufacturer indicates. In this case, the cooking has been 8 minutes, which in this type of pasta is the most common for its size and hardness, about ten minutes of cooking. Drain and reserve 500 ml of the pasta cooking water.

In a frying pan over high heat we take the individual portion of pasta, approx 120 grams, add the cooking water (125 ml) and begin to move happily in the pan. We lower the fire in half. Then, we add the pasta based on cheese, egg yolk and evoo (three heaping tablespoons of the mixture, per serving) and we do not stop moving at any time (approximately we will be about 2-3 minutes on this medium heat).

We finish plating adding the gurezle type “torrezno”, the sprouts of spinach, the pepper and pistachios and a splash of evoo. Spinach and pistachios add a touch of color, flavor, freshness and texture that blends well with this hearty dish.


Although we don’t need a  reason to enjoy Spaghetti, we wanted to pay tribute to spinach on its International Day (March 26) and cheese on March 27.

This recipe, like the delicious lentil salad that we published on the International Day of Pulses, has been prepared by Nihonbashi Atelier with our extra virgin olive oil Oh! Early Harvest.Organic.

We invite you to stay tuned to the blog, the month of April is very promising in culinary matters! We say no more 🙂

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Enjoy it 🙂


Oh! At Home. And you?

We are living a situation that nobody has taught us to manage; We do not know very well what to do with the whirlwind of emotions that inevitably and uncontrollably take place inside us, but there IS something we have of course, and that is that we are going to overcome this and we want to contribute to ensuring that YOU HAVE THE  BASICS.

And what is that BASIC?

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We think that the most extraordinary situations offer us the opportunity to live moments out of the ordinary of our life and this can be something that brings a plus, that adds up 🙂

How many times have we wanted to have more time to share with ours? When was the last time we had breakfast with a toast with olive oil together with the youngest members of the family or when was the last time we prepared a special – romantic – recipe for the most special person in our lives?

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The gourmet olive oil Oh! from GGOOCo. It will be present at the 34 Gourmets Hall, one of the most prestigious quality Food and Beverage Fairs at the international level.

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Practical Information on the 34th Edition of Salón Gourmets

  • Location of the Fair: IFEMA-Madrid Fair in the Juan Carlos Pabellones Fair Park 4, 6, 8 and 10. Madrid Fair, IFEMA (67,500 m2 of exhibition).  
  • NEW DATES!! From June 15th to 18th, 2020
  • Access: The Gourmets Room only allows entry to professional visitors with accreditation