PDO. Sierra de Segura

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil we produce at The Green Gold Olive Oil Company has a Denomination of Historical Origin, the D.O. Sierra de Segura (1979).

This Designation of Origin of the Olive Oil confers the product a series specific characteristics and attributes :

  • Olive grove mostly picual variety, of approx. 75-100 years
  • Olive grove located in Natural Park.
  • Olive Mountain High, yellowish green, fruity aroma and fresh grass, with a bitter and spicy touch.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, acidity well below 0.5º

To protect the quality and characteristics of an extra virgin olive oil of such quality, the Denomination of Origin (recognized in 1996 by the EU with maximum protection, Protected Designation of Origin) emerged.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sierra de Segura

Our Olivares, “La Fuensantilla” and “La Carlota”, located in Beas de Segura within the province of Jaén (in Sierra de Segura, Andalusia), belong to the production area of ​​the oils covered by the Sierra de Segura Protected Denomination of Origin 

Olivar – The Green Gold Olive Oil Company
The Green Gold Olive Oil Company

As can be seen in the images, the Green Gold Olive Oil Co. Oil Mill is located in the town of Hornos del Segura itself, surrounded by a carpeted landscape of olive trees and pine groves that favors the production of the greatest treasure of Andalusia, the Extra virgin olive oil, our green gold, in addition to the values ​​and charm of the land and their people.

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Denomination of Origin of Olive Oil – Labeling

The mark of the DOP Sierra de Segura can be seen on the “Generic” and “Early Harvest Certification” labels (the latter indicates that the oil was produced at the end of November, from envero green olives):

Denomination of Origin of Olive Oil – Labeling

Currently our product presents the label prior to the recent update of the corporate image of the Denomination of Origin, where the squirrel symbol is also appreciated.

Counter tags D.O. prior to the change in corporate image

In the next product labeling, our EVOO will show off the new corporate image of the DO:

Corporate Image AOVES D.O. Sierra de Segura