Olive Oil Mill

 The Olive Oil Mill is the space and the set of activities that make the fruit become juice (olive oil).

For us, it is a huge juicer!

As simple and as complex as this.

  • Simple because what we need to have at the mill is a big juicer. So it is, the mill equipment has only mechanical means, just like our juicers we have at home to squeeze an orange.
  • Complex, because as it happens with other fruits, we must be very careful so that this juice does not deteriorate and lose its properties.

Our fundamental objective in the Olive Oil Mill is to take care of the fruit so that it retains the maximum quality that it had at the same time of picking it from the olive tree, which is where the fruit had its highest quality. 

Timing and quality controls and excellence are essential for this to happen.

Olive Oil Mill – Processes

Various processes are carried out in the mill. The reception and triage of the olive, the “yard” work (cleaning, weighing and temporary storage in hoppers), the grinding of the olive, the activities of the room (shaking, squeezing spinning, filtering, decanting), the cellar activities (stored, racked) and packaging activities.

Visit us!

We invite you to know all of them in a unique location in Spain

In our olive oil mill you will not only learn how the juice of the olive is extracted. You will be able to enjoy the surroundings, learn about its history, the Sierra del Segura natural park, its gastronomy, landscapes and routes, as well as the values and hospitality of this unique region.

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