Award-Winning and Awarded Oil
The Green Gold Olive Oil

Tall the enthusiasm, dedication and affection that the team put in each part of the process, is being recognized annually by the sector through national and international awards, which undoubtedly is a very important encouragement to remain committed to our main objective, to develop an oil of the highest quality.


NYIOOC(New York International Olive Oil Competition).

NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition is the largest and most prestigious contest to value the highest quality olive oil. Its annual list of award winners is the authoritative guide to the best olive oils in the world and the producers who produce them.

At The Green Gold Olive Oil we took the decision to participate in this contest to show the Americas market in general and the USA in particular our ability to produce great oils.

In all the occasions in which we have participated, we have been awarded with Gold medal.

            premio silver      premio 2021

Olive Japan International Olive Oil Competition

Olive Japan is the largest and most important olive oil contest of the highest quality in Japan and is a benchmark for the Asian market.

The interest of GGOOCwith this contest is to assure the Asian and not only Japanese public its commitment, not only with the quality but with the market.

            premio 2020      
premio 2021      premio 2021

In the three editions in which we have presented ourselves we have achieved a gold medal that makes us proud and inspires us to continue offering quality products.

En 2020 hemos conseguido un reconocimiento especial, el Toshiya TADA Special Olive Oil Sommelier Award


Flos Olei is the most prestigious contest in Europe and aims to gather in a guide the 500 best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

Being the most deeply rooted contest, being in the Flos Olei guide represents a major effort for all those who are committed to quality and excellence.

In GGOOCwe have participated in the last three editions. It has been a satisfaction and an honor for us not only to get into this ranking, but also to improve our score every year. That only corroborates our unwavering commitment to this product.