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Preparation process

A millenary process, the most advanced technology

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of a process of comprehensive care for 12 months a year. We have to put all the love, enthusiasm and effort, preserving the old process and incorporating the technology that allows us to maintain or even improve its quality



The harvesting plan varies each year. Depending on its maturity, quality and time, we identify the order in which the olive trees must be harvested. The harvesting process is done manually to avoid damage to the tree by only using mechanical means for transporting the olives to the mill. The olive harvest begins at 7:00 am and ends at 13:00 pm. Every day the olives are transported to the mill to be processed immediately to avoid losing quality.




Once in the mill, the olives are cleaned, ground and mixed in a controlled temperature not exceeding 80.6 Fahrenheit degrees (27 Celsius degrees), so that the organoleptic properties of the olive are not changed.



We perform a decantation process (separation of impurities in the extra virgin olive oil) in two stages, where water is not involved. This process is immediately followed by a filtration process to improve the quality and conservation of the olive oil.



Finally, we perform quality testing of each batch to ensure that the oil meets the quality characteristics we want and proceed to preservation in steel intertied tanks with controlled temperature and packaging in accordance with the highest standards of quality and food safety of the European Union and the DOP in which we are included.

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