In Green Gold Olive Oil Company we produce picual olive oil,  being one of the most widespread variety in the entire Spanish geography and one of the most appreciated worldwide. Its highest concentration is found in Andalusia, especially in Jaén.

Our Hacienda “La Fuensantilla” comprises 60 hectares of irrigated olive tress in the town of Beas de Segura, Jaén. It is a Picual Olive grove of approximately 6,400 olive trees 80 years old. The average annual production exceeds 5,000 kg per hectare.

The Finca “La Carlota” is located in Sorihuela del Guadalimar, next to the Guadalimar River, which provides water for the entire estate. It is an intensive olive grove of olive trees Picual irrigation, belonging more than 90% of them to this variety.

Picual Oil Characteristics

Many will ask you where the name “picual” comes from, right? Nothing like an image that illustrates it in order to understand it better:

As can be seen in the photograph, the olive has a “peak” finish; This is the main reason for naming the fruit of the picual olive tree. We find fruit of an intense green color, and can even be black depending on the ripening point (“envero”).

The extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety is characterized by its fruity and spicy character (especially if it is olive oil from Early Harvest), with a slight touch of bitterness.

Our picual variety differs from other olives in the region because it is collected in the Mountains of the Sierra de Segura, to which we belong under the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO Sierra de Segura) .This mountain olives have a higher concentration of polyphenols (the most important natural antioxidant element) and a higher concentration of Oleic Acid due to the height at which these olives are located..

Another special feature of the Picual variety is its high oxidation stability. It means that this type of variety maintains its chemical and organoleptic properties for longer than other varieties.

Depending on the time of harvest, the picual variety acquires particular organoleptic nuances; For example, our Oil Oh! Organic Early Harvest is characterized by intense fruity, herbaceous and vegetable notes, being able to perceive in the nose aromas of freshly cut fresh grass, artichoke, olive leaf and tomato. In the mouth, bitter and spicy typical of this variety, always with a pleasant sensation and sophisticated flavor.

In addition to the shape of the Picual Olive fruit and how extra picual virgin olive oil is perceived in the mouth and nose, it is worth highlighting its nutritional properties and the numerous benefits it provides to health, such as its high oleic acid content, able to reduce the levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL); the abundance of polyphenols, which help reduce the oxidation of fats in the bloodstream and prevent obstructions, among other benefits that you can consult in this specific section of the Green Gold website.

What uses can we give to Picual Oil?

Picual extra virgin olive oil is very stable to oxidative processes and resists exposure to high temperatures and fried foods better than any other variety, without losing its properties.

In addition, it is perfect to enjoy raw because of the special nuances that we have mentioned previously, and can be applied in countless recipes and culinary uses.

The picual oil consumed in raw, such as in toast or salads, allows you to enjoy and perceive more intensely its organoleptic properties, its bitter and spicy character, the fruity that allows all diners to travel to the Mediterranean.

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Would you like to buy picual olive oil?

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