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What is olive oil?

Olive oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the fruit of the olivetree, whose most widespread use is the culinary. It is also used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, for religious, industrial and other purposes of various kinds.

What types of olive oil are there?

  • Extra virgin olive oil: This type of oil is not chemically refined and is cold pressed, in such a way that it retains its nutritional and organoleptic properties. The acidity of this oil is below 0.8%.
  • Virgin olive oil: is the oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree using only physical / mechanical processes. The acidity is usually between 0.8% – 1.5%..
  • Common olive oil: Once the lampante oil is refined, using a chemical process, and virgin or extra virgin oil is added (in order to be marketed), common olive oil is obtained. This one acquires an acidity of 1,51% – 3%. Due to the refining process, the oil has suffered an important loss in aroma, flavor, color and nutritional properties. 
  • Lampante: due to its level of acidity, higher than 3.3%, this type of oil is not suitable for consumption. The use that was given to this type of oil was for lighting.

What is the acidity of olive oil?

The acidity of olive oil is a chemical parameter that ensures that all stages of the oil production process, from harvest to packaging, have been carried out in compliance with the marked quality standards. 

The term “acidity” usually makes us associate it with pH(higher or lower acidity)  as in the case of vinegars and may lead us to think that the higher the acidity of the oil, the more intense it will be. Acidity, when we talk about oil, refers to the amount of free fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, etc.) are present in the oil.

Acidityis obtained through an analytical process developed in a laboratory and is the quality parameter that allows to determine how it can be marketed (virgin, extra virgin or lampante, the latter mentioned above is not suitable for consumption).

The product Oh! By the Green Gold Olive Oil Company has the olive fruit as its only ingredient of the Picual variety, this ingredient represents the 100% of the product; it does not incorporate any additives and has cold pressing and oil extraction only by mechanical processes following the following diagram:


And regarding polyphenols?

  • Polyphenols are chemical compounds, present mainly in foods of plant origin, which offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.
  • We find them both in the fruit and in the leaves of the olive tree. 
  • If a correct manufacturing process is carried out, the polyphenols will also be present in the oil.
  • The amount of polyphenols is a determining factor in the perception of the taste of the oil.
  • Earlier harvest extra virgin olive oils contain a greater number of polyphenols.
  • Polyphenols are only found in virgin and extra virgin olive oils, the latter being the one with the highest phenolic content. 

What is the best type of oil for consumption?

  • Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil for consumption due to its nutritional benefits and organoleptic properties: its sensory characteristics reproduce the smells and tastes of the fruit of origin, the OliveTree. 
  • Extra virgin olive oil preserves all its nutritional values: since it is not refined and its acidity is kept below 0.8%.

What assures me that I am acquiring a good extra virgin olive oil?

  • Although it is not the most important factor, the first indicator is acidity: when purchasing olive oil, it must be taken into account that the lower the acidity, the higher the purity and the greater the health benefits.
  • In addition to the acidity, it is very important to know in what conditions the product has been stored throughout the process: manufacturing / distribution / final market. To access this information, the labeling of the product must show how it was produced and bottled. If the label shows information regarding the combination of olive oil with other types of oil, this will be indicative that the product is not pure. 
  • Quality certifications provided by third parties, ISO Compliance regulations, DOP Standard certifications and other food safety regulations accomplished may help you to understand what are you buying.

At The Green Gold Olive Oil Company, just as we take care of every part of the process of making extra virgin olive oil from the olive grove to you, we want to be with you throughout the online process to provide maximum transparency, satisfaction and quality assurance. 

Next, we answer the most common questions, but we are at your disposal for any question you want to ask us (

  • If the product received does not meet my expectations, could I return it?

The products may be returned within a period not exceeding 7 days, counted from the reception of the product. Returns must be sent along with the copy of the delivery note accompanying the expedition. For any possible incident or complaint, we recommend you contact us by email at The refund of the amount will be made by the same payment you did and for the amount paid for you.

  • Is it safe to buy from The Green Gold Olive Oil Company online store? 

The purchase on the Internet is done with maximum security on any device (computer, phone or tablet, computer or tablet).

At The Green Gold Olive Oil Company we ensure the protection of user data.

 The website has different payment options. In the options of payment against reimbursement and bank transfer, you will not have to enter any banking data nor will it be requested by our platform or by third parties.

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  • What are the transportation costs? 

Our products are located in Ja茅n (Spain). Once you acquire it, they should be delivered to the address you indicate by a specialized transport company. This company will transfer us a cost that we will explain in the case in which this service is not included in the price.

  • How long do I have to cancel the purchase?

Once the purchase is confirmed and the payment method is finalized, the order is firm for us and we will proceed to its packaging and shipping. The process is fast and usually does not take 24 hours from your confirmation.

If you are unsure of the purchase, we recommend you write to as soon as possible to verify if the order has not left our stores.

If the order is not processed, we will indicate it to you and we will proceed to cancel the payment you have made to us.

  • What will happen if I am not present on the expected delivery date of the order? How I should proceed?

 If you are not, the transport company will contact you at the telephone number you have provided to offer you another delivery alternative. If they can not reach you or you are not been able to pick it up, we recommend that you call us or write to to offer alternative solutions.

  • How long can it take from the time I place the order until I receive it at my address?

From the moment you place your order until you receive it at the address you have indicated, you can spend a maximum period of: 7 days if the address is in Spain.

In the case where you receive it in another European country, the time could be doubled depending on the specific address we have to deliver. 

If the Order is made in Brazil, the order for the states in which we operate will not exceed 7 days.

You can always track your order with the track number .  provided by the logistics operator and we will send you by email

If after the periods mentioned you have not yet received your order, please contact the email to solve this problem and compensate you for it.

  • What are the hours of customer service and through what contact forms can I contact The Green Gold Olive Oil Company?

You can contact us whenever you need it through our email

f you need to talk to us, you can do so at +34 91 659 25 25 between 09:00 am and 17:00 pm, Monday through Friday at GMT + 1 (Madrid). If you are calling from a country other than Spain, verify the time use you are in.