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Congratulations on your day, Olive!

Congratulations on your day, Olive! – Day tributing to our Variety of Picual Olive Tree

In the International Olive Day, we want to pay tribute to the Picual Olive Tree, the olive variety present in our farms “La Fuensantilla” and “Carlota”.

Picual Olive Tree – The Green Gold Olive Oil Co.

The picual olive variety is the most widespread in Jaen and in Andalusia in general (around one million hectares throughout the region).

What is a Picual Olive tree like and why do we want to honor it?

The Picual Olive tree is very resistant to cold; It adapts in an amazing way to different types of soils and climates.

The ripening is early and the olive falls down without too much difficulty, so mechanization is an agile process to harvest.

The oil, obtained exclusively by mechanical cold pressing systems, provides us with a very high content of oleic acid (monounsaturated), the most appreciated for its benefits in our health. This characteristic, together with its small proportion of polyunsaturated content, makes the picual variety oil a true gift for the senses and for well-being.

Picual extra virgin olive oil has an acidity concentration of less than 1%, and since no heat is applied, its properties remain 100% intact.

We have indicated part of the benefits of the EVOO on our website, if you want you can expand the information in the following link: See Summary of the Main Benefits of EVOO.

Olive “Picual” Why?

A picual olive tree has fruits with form of a beak. This olive variety (Olea Europaea) is also known as “lepereño”, “nevadillo” or “marteño”.

The color of the obverse acquires a shade of a more happening green and a reverse of green pulling gray, as you can see in this photograph we made during the early harvest  last October.

Why is the picual variety different from the other varieties?

When you try a picual oil you perceive character, a very genuine flavor. It is an oil full of personality. We can describe it as a “dance” of traces of grass accompanied by a slight fruity touch and a bitterness present throughout the melody.

If the oil also comes from an early harvest, those herbaceous touches acquire greater prominence, causing a fusion of aromas and flavors in the mouth in which the touches of grass, tomato, olive leaves, become the kings of the dance.

GGOOCo. - Olive Oil Oh! Limited edition. Early harvest
We are proud to celebrate this day toast with the juice that our Olive gives us: olive oil Oh! Limited edition. Early harvest

Spain Wine and Gourmet Fair in Tokyo

Unforgettable Experience at the Tokyo Gourmet Fair

As you know, on October 29th and 30th we attended the Spain Wine and Gourmet Fair, a fair that gave us so many good times and opportunities, that we want to write this little article as an expression of thanks to all those who made it possible; From the organizers (ICEX and the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo), as well as all those who met us, visited our stand and showed real interest in knowing more about the olive oil we produce at The Green Gold and the essence and Mediterranean values that our products contain.

Our sincere thanks to Toshiya Tada, Representative Director of the Association of Olive Oil Sommeliers of Japan (Olive Oil Sommelier) and director of Olive Japan, for their interest in providing visibility to extra virgin olive oil in Japan. Olive Japan will promote one of the most important events shows in Japan in the month of June – July 2020 (Ikebukuro, Tokyo) where the best in class extra virgin olive oils in the world are open to the public, among which we want to be !!!
Hiroshi Sugisaki
We also had the pleasure of sharing with Hiroshi Sugisaki – Instagram Concierge To The World form JAPAN Food Concierge & Coordinator of Inbound Tourists. Le Coeurthe new early harvest of The Green Gold Olive Oil Company. We talked about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the introduction of olive oil in the diet of different international committees.
Another unforgettable moment for us was the time we shared with Suda Tatsuya, a chef and manager of numerous restaurants in Japan.

There were not only moments to share our aove; We also had the opportunity to enjoy Hitomi Watanabe’s cuisine, using our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oh! Early Harvest

Hitomi Watanabe is one of the most influential chefs committed to the evolution of traditional Japanese cuisine. In its restaurant and its interventions it defends the balance between the flavors and traditional dishes with the combination of new elements and flavors that enhance it, the best or give it a new perspective.

Enjoying Japanese cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. (from left to right. Mr. Junichi Konichim, Miss. Naomi Seki, Mr. Juan Jiménez, Miss. Hitomi Watanabe, Mr. Lorenzo Jiménez)

There were many moments lived. We summarize below a gallery as a summary, of this experience:

We do not want to close the article without thanking Mrs. Mamiko Katayama, interpreter and collaborator who has helped us during the event, her participation and support in the promotion of our olive oil.

Juan Jiménez, Lorenzo Jiménez and Mamiko Katayama

She wanted to transfer her impressions of the two days of the event, which we proceed to present below:

October 29th: “The most requested olive oil has been our Oh!, Extra Virgin Olive Oil limited Edition. Especially it has attracted importers who already work with various brands of EVOO. They have visited our stand and have enjoyed tasting our products, especially that peculiar bright green color, with shine. They have especially loved the aroma of freshly grown, the feeling of freshness. There have been restaurant chefs who have proposed ways to include the aove in the kitchen of fish, vegetables and even fruit dishes. ” -Mamiko Katayama-   30th of October: “Today many visitors have come to our stand. Highlights the visits of companies that currently do not market aove but nevertheless, they want to develop this line of business as it is such an exquisite product, in the very near future ”. -Mamiko Katayama-  

A pleasure, as always, to be close to the Japanese market. We never stop learning and we will never stop striving to share with you our products of the highest quality.