Homemade Gourmet Burgers Recipe

The recipe that we share with you today, on the occasion of International Burger Day, is very simple to make and we are convinced that if you dare to prepare it at home, you will love it ????

Although hamburgers are a typical dish of North American cuisine, the truth is that it has become a global star dish.

We wanted to make the best homemade hamburger with the best ingredients. Here we indicate what we have used to make 6 hamburgers and the steps we have followed:

Ingredients for 6 hamburgers

  • 6 small-sized hamburger buns (recipe is the same as hot-dog buns)
  • 500 grams of beef (lean / fat ratio 70/30)
  • 5 grams of salt
  • 3 grams of fine ground black pepper
  • 1 onion
  • 6 pickled gherkins
  • 4 tablespoons of Olive Oil Oh! Family Selection
  • 6 tablespoons of ketchup
  • 2 tablespoons old-fashioned Dijon mustard and 1 tablespoon normal Dijon mustard
  • 6 oak leaf lettuce leaves.
  • 120 grams of sliced ​​cheddar cheese

Making the burgers

For the sauce:

  • We cut the onion and the gherkins in medium mirepoix, so that there is some texture in each bite.
  • We add the mustard, the ketchup and we begin to move adding the olive oil until it is well emulsified.
  • We reserve.

For meat:

  • For hamburger meat, all you have to do is season this half kg with the amount of salt and pepper indicated in the recipe.
  • The proportion of lean fat is obtained by chopping it ourselves, but we can also ask the butcher to chop 320 grams of hip and 180 grams of brisket ( skirt).
  • Let the seasoned meat rest and start toasting the buns in the pan with our olive oil, just on the inside of the bun, until they acquire a light golden color.
  • We reserve.

How to make homemade gourmet burgers:

  • We form the hamburgers; It is interesting to do it with a mold somewhat larger than the size of the bun (1 or 1.5 c. larger) since the meat shrinks on the griddle and is perfect for mounting later.
  • We use about 85 grams of meat per hamburger.
  • With the very hot frying pan we spread the hamburgers of evoo (extra virgin olive oil) and add them to the frying pan; a pair for each batch so that it does not lose heat or with the juices they cook.
  • We need, and we consider this the most important, that they have a good crust of roasted / caramelized meat (maillard reaction) on both sides.
  • The finish of this burger will be well done, but this caramelized meat crust is a delicious snack.
  • When we turn the hamburger we put the cheese (about 25 grams per hamburger) over the cooked part and cover; cheddar cheese takes very little time to melt.
  • We assemble the burger dressing both rolls with a tablespoon of our sauce, a lettuce leaf and our cheese burger.

It is a delicious, simple, but infallible snack that Nihonbashi Atelier has prepared using the best ingredients, including our Picual variety extra virgin olive oil.

Bom apettite!

Banner Gazpacho Melon 1

Gluten-free melon gazpacho recipe

The hot season begins and there is a dish that we love for how refreshing, nutritious and tasty it is; this is gazpacho.

Tomato, one of the main ingredients, provides numerous benefits; to name just a few:

  • Helps strengthen our immune system and prevent disease
  • Allows the body to eliminate toxins (mainly contains antioxidant vitamins -C, E, A-)
  • It contributes very favorably to reducing cholesterol
  • Minimizes the risk of vascular accident

In addition, it is an ingredient that contains very few calories since approximately 95% of its composition is water.

On the occasion of International Celiac Day we wanted to contribute with this easy gluten-free gazpacho recipe that Nihonbashi Atelier has made using our Oh! Olive Oil Family Selection and Oh! Early Harvest.

Melon Gazpacho recipe – Ingredients

  • 1kg tomato (it is not necessary to be a “pear” tomato, we can use any ripe seasonal tomato that is well priced)
  • 2 Italian green peppers (220 grams bell pepper once clean)
  • 1 medium cucumber (180 grams)
  • 180 grams of melon
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 5 grams of salt
  • 1.5 grams of ground cumin
  • 80 grams of olive oil Oh! Family Selection
  • 30 grams sherry vinegar

Ingredients for the Garnish

How to Prepare Gluten Free Melon Gazpacho Recipe


For this fresh and easy recipe we need a pair of bowls, a hand or glass mixer, a large fine strainer or a Chinese one.

Melon Gazpacho
  • Peel, remove the germ and blanch the garlic cloves (30 seconds in boiling water)
  • We clean and chop all the vegetables into large cubes.
  • Add the salt, cumin and vinegar and begin to crush until it has a good texture, creamy and without noticeable pieces.
  • We go through the “Chinese” until it is fine and without any visible skin or nugget.
  • At this time, we begin to add olive oil in a fine stream while whisking at low speed. We must let it emulsify and remain with a velvety color, without large oil eyes, perfectly integrated.
  • Let stand in the fridge for 1/2 hour.

  • For the garnish, we cook two eggs 11 minutes, chop them and do the same with the onion, the cucumber and the green pepper, in medium mirepoix (small dice).

  • Serve on the plate with a stream of evoo (extra virgin olive oil) Oh! Early harvest.
Gazpacho Melon

As you have seen, it is a recipe available to everyone, so if you dare to elaborate it, take a couple of photos of the result and share it in networks with the hashtag #RecetaOh or tagging us (Green Gold and N. Atelier) ???? We would love to hear your impressions and see the result!