Oh! At Home. And you?

We are living a situation that nobody has taught us to manage; We do not know very well what to do with the whirlwind of emotions that inevitably and uncontrollably take place inside us, but there IS something we have of course, and that is that we are going to overcome this and we want to contribute to ensuring that YOU HAVE THE  BASICS.

And what is that BASIC?

Why lie… We are not magicians, we cannot offer you the most essential, which is TRANQUILITY at the moment, but YES the CONFIDENCE that we are with you and that a basic in the kitchen of any home, such as OLIVE OIL, will not will be missing.

We think that the most extraordinary situations offer us the opportunity to live moments out of the ordinary of our life and this can be something that brings a plus, that adds up ūüôā

How many times have we wanted to have more time to share with ours? When was the last time we had breakfast with a toast with olive oil together with the youngest members of the family or when was the last time we prepared a special – romantic – recipe for the most special person in our lives?

In short, whatever the reason that ‚Äúmoves‚ÄĚ us and even for no other reason than not depriving ourselves of enjoying a pleasant taste in such a bitter situation, we contact you to inform you that while this situation lasts, you can enjoy 15% of discount on your purchase of oil Oh! in our e-commerce (online store).

It is only necessary to insert this code in the “coupon” field: #yoh!encasa before finalizing your purchase.

We take the opportunity to communicate that in addition to this promotion, the month of April and from now on we will publish recipes on our blog that may serve to bring out that culinary facet that you carry inside and that due to the rhythm of day to day you have not yet been able to develop, and We even think it can be a leisure alternative in which to invest time with the family, participating everyone together in the preparation of the dishes / recipes.

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