Rains and oil production

We want to share with you in this post in a simple, but at the same time technical way, how the life cycle of the olive tree is throughout the year and how the rains determine the production of oil

To do this, we are going to rely on the latest report prepared by the Sierra de Segura PDO in relation to the 2020/2021 harvest.

The first thing we want to show you is the annual cycle of the olive tree. We show it in this graphic

Take a moment to see it in detail. Technical terms appear. It is not necessary to learn them !!. However, it seems important to us that you familiarize yourself with them.

The weather has a great influence on the olive harvest, as well as on the formation of oil; the amount and distribution of rainfall throughout the year greatly influence this process

We have two critical moments in the olive tree’s annual cycle

We have two critical moments in the olive tree’s annual cycle in which water stress is decisive (marked in pink in the image). The first moment occurs in the period between March and June, which is when the olive tree develops the growth of its branches and leaves, as well as flowering and the creation of fruits. But the key moment is the second moment: from the beginning of September to the end of October. Oil formation – or lipogenesis, which is its technical name – is determined in these months.

If the olive tree does not have enough water (water stress) during these critical periods, its fruit is lower and in turn the amount of oil it produces is also lower.

If you have more interest, we attach the full report of the 2020/2021 campaignreport of the 2020/2021 campaign. As always we are at your disposal to answer any questions.

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