The stars shine greener than ever. Martín Berasategui chooses and recognizes our early Harvest extra virgin olive oil

The chef with the most Michelin stars in Spain – no less than 12 – and the third in the world, together with his team, have chosen our early harvest extra virgin olive oil Oh! Early Harvest to create some of the best dishes in their restaurants.

Martin Berasategui, worldwide recognized for his constant commitment to quality, excellence and innovation, has incorporated our olive oil into his ecosystem of products due to its high quality and exceptionality.

This extra virgin olive oil that Green Gold Olive Oil Co. provides Martin Berasategui is exactly the same that all our friends and clients – from Spain to the rest of the countries – can consume in their homes throughout the year.

We want to thank Martin and all of you for the trust you give us every time you choose us.

We wish you a good day. And a lot of garroteee !!!

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