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Olive Oil, Our Best Partner During 2019

The pace of life in which we are immersed usually does not leave us much room for reflection and this balance of the year we must make ends up being postponed until Christmas.

The Green Gold Olive Oil Co. team took a break and reflected on everything that happened in 2019, thanks to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and what we want to share with you in 2020.

Green Gold Olive Oil Company 2019

January – June

Since 2018, it was at GGOOCo that we began to explore international markets (Asia and Latin America) to introduce ourselves, share our expectations and discover each other’s interests and goals.

This first international contact led us to intensify our efforts in 2019 by offering the best extra virgin olive oil across national borders.

That’s how in early 2019 …

We have increased our relations with Asia in general and with Japan and with South Korea in particular. We focus on understanding your vision of olive oil, explaining our project and creating long term relationships with them.

On the other hand, we took the first steps in South America, with Brazil as our first country to explore.

July- December

Reducing international barriers that make it difficult to offer our extra virgin olive oil to the international public.

We understood that it was necessary to start working on new technological models and minimize the barriers that could arise between GGOOCo and the different international markets. That’s why we launched our website and online gourmet olive oil store in four different languages ​​(Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and English).

We also decided to open as many communication channels as possible; today we can relate to all of you through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest) and our blog, where we address issues related to health and beauty, events in which GGOOCo will have presence and experience we live in each of them, in addition to information directly related to our gourmet product (types of olive oil, process of preparation – packaging – transportation, details of field work, information about the olive grove, etc.)

Regarding gastronomic events, this second semester of 2019, we had the opportunity to participate in numerous gastronomic events and fairs, such as Anuga (the largest food and beverage fair in the world) or the Spain Wine and Gourmet Fair (where quality and excellence are the essentials) after being cut off from several olive oil companies.

These experiences have provided us with valuable learning as well as allowing us to live experiences we will never forget, such as the possibility of enjoying traditional Japanese dishes (Hitomi Watanabe) combined with our harvest, talking to prestigious restaurant managers such as Suda Tatsuya, reflect on new joint projects with Olive Japan director Toshiya Tada or discuss interesting topics such as introducing olive oil into the diet of different international committees with Hiroshi Sugisaki – Le Coeur Japan.

From what has been mentioned so far in the article, we would have more than enough to be satisfied with, but there was more!

We received the news that our land, D.O. Sierra de Segura and our way of producing olive oil were recognized in the Flos Olei Guide for the third consecutive year, improving our annual score

We participate with our extra virgin early harvest olive oil from Oh!  collection, 100% picual variety, with a circulation of 11,800 units in limited edition.

This has allowed us to corroborate our irrevocable commitment to the product and our goal of producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Thanks to the Green Gold team

Obviously, we cannot close this article without giving visibility to the team that works daily in the field and in the almazara, with a lot of love and effort and that contributes to the dreams of GGOOCo come true, as happened this year.

For the year 2020

In addition to thinking about the things we would like to correct, improve and achieve next year in 2020, we will participate in some actions we want to share with you:

  • SuperMarket Trade Show (February 12-14, 2020). We hope to consolidate our position in Japan by expanding the product range.

  • FOODEX JAPAN 2020 (March 12-13, 2020). We will reaffirm our commitment to customers, consumers and partners.

  • Olive Japan Marche. Before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we will attend Japan’s most prestigious consumer fair.

  • International Ecotourism. We want to value our land, our olive trees and our region through a project in which we will share nature, knowledge and passion in a unique natural environment in Europe.

  • and much more actions that we will count on during an exciting year 2020.

We are waiting for you!

For those who can’t visit us, we’ll keep you posted on social networks and the blog ????

Thanks to all who allow us to live and work enjoying Oh!

Juan Jimenez, The Green Gold Olive Oil Company

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