Oh! Limited edition. Early harvest. 100ml

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This “Pago” olive oil from the “Fuensantilla” estate in the Sierra del Segura is our best ollive oil.

Its aromatic intensity and balanced flavor will take your dishes to another level. An olive oil that will captivate you.

This oil has been collected From 13th to 16th October 2022, first days of harvest and only by mechanical means (98.522 kg of olives, 10.002 Kg of oil).

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See data sheet

See data sheet

Olive type
Picual – at the beginning of fruit ripening “envero” (green) – mounitain olives
Olive Quality
Extra Virgin
Harvesting data
From 13th to 16th October 2022
Kg olive
98.522 kg
Kg oil
10.002 Kg
Harvesting & processing method
Manual / mechanical means. Cold press. Decanter pieralisi
INOX deposit inertized at 0,4 PSI
Storage suggestions
Cool place | dry | without changes of temp. 15-24 ° C
Consumption suggestions
Salads | Vegetables and Legumes | Raw fish | meat | desserts | raw


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