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Green Gold Olive Oil Company awarded as one of the best Olive Oils in the world

In our first participation in the JOOTA Awards held in Tokyo we won several honors and we want to share them with you. For the entire Green Gold Olive Oil Company team, it is a true pride to be among the best extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) in the world. Spanish excellence has thus prevailed in the prestigious JOOTA Awards organized by the Japanese Association of Olive Oil Tasters.

Our EVOO has won several awards, placing it among the best in the world. These annual awards bring together producers from all over the planet in search of excellence in Tokyo.

The JOOTA Awards judges have carefully evaluated every aspect of the oil, from its aroma to its flavor, and even the design of the bottle that contains it. The dedication and passion that Green Gold Olive Oil Company puts into the production of its Early Harvest Picual VARIETY oil has paid off and has secured its place on the podium of the best EVOOs in the world. One of the most notable awards Green Gold Olive Oil Company received was the award in the “Green Delicate Fruity” category. This recognition highlights the harmony and freshness of the oil, which is characteristic of the picual variety and demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality. In addition, the Spanish firm obtained the “Buyers Department Award” in the “Flavor” category, which underlines the excellence of the flavor and complexity of its EVOO. The most discerning extra virgin olive oil buyers recognized the superior quality of Green Gold Olive Oil Company.

But the distinction does not stop there. Green Gold Olive Oil Company also took home two awards in the “Luxury Supermarkets” category. The first was the “Luxury Supermarket Buyer’s Award”; in the “Bottle Design” category. This award recognizes not only the quality of the oil but also the attractiveness and sophistication of its presentation, making it a perfect gift for food lovers.

The second prize in the “Luxury Supermarkets” category was the “Luxury Supermarkets Buyer’s Award” in the “Taste” category. This recognition is a validation to the versatility of Green Gold Olive Oil Company EVOO, which can elevate any dish to new culinary heights. But what really makes Green Gold Olive Oil Company stand out on the international stage is its recognition by renowned chefs. The “Chef Award” was awarded by ANTICA OSTERIA DEL PONTE Executive Chef Stefano Dal Moro and Chef Daisuke Yamazaki of Antichi Sapori. These chefs, connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine, appreciated the exceptional quality and flavor of Green Gold Olive Oil Company’s oil.

In summary, this year’s JOOTA Awards have been a triumph for Green Gold Olive Oil Company and a testament to the dedication and effort that this Spanish company has invested in the production of its Early Harvest picual variety olive oil. From the distinction in bottle design to the appreciation of renowned chefs, the awards obtained highlight the versatility and exceptional quality of this EVOO. Spain has reasons to be proud of this victory, which places Green Gold Olive Oil Company on the world map of excellence in extra virgin olive oil.

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