Olive Oil and its benefits for the Hair

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Hair

Olive Oil and its benefits for the Hair

We will never be tired of writing about the benefits of olive oil, a liquid treasure that provides health and nutrients that benefit us not only inside, but also outside.

This “inside and outside” we would like to explain a little better:

  • Inside: Regularly including extra virgin olive oil in our diet allows us to take care of ourselves inside and that the result will be noticed on the outside, due to its antioxidant power, rich in vitamins (especially Vitamin E) and polyphenols, etc. It also has a natural softening effect, ability to give the skin more elasticity and actively participates in the fight against the appearance of dandruff. In this link you can expand more information about the nutrients and benefits of olive oil.
  • On the outside: the topical application of extra virgin olive oil cold pressed, with an acidity between 0.1% and 0.2%, allows all the purity and nutrients of the product to reach our hair and favors its repair. Applying a pure olive oil, will be crucial for achieving our goal of beauty and hair recovery.

How and when should olive oil be applied to the hair?

Without having to wash the hair beforehand, we will start directly applying two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (one if the hair is oily) on the scalp by means of a massage to get the nutrients to penetrate better.

Once the scalp massage is done, we will extend the rest of our EVOO over the rest of the hair, emphasizing the area of ​​the tips.

Once applied, we can cover the hair with a preheated towel to promote hydration and let it act for about half an hour. Then, we will wash our hair as we usually do (we recommend using a shampoo that contains the least amount of chemicals possible).

EVOO in the hair before sleep:

We usually recommend applying it before going to sleep to allow the product to penetrate the scalp and hair locks for a longer time, as well as being a time when we do not usually see ourselves in the situation of going outside or meeting another person (we do not expose ourselves to be shown with “dirty” hair).

If we choose to apply it before sleeping, the procedure is the one we mentioned before, but we will have to cover the pillow or cushion with a cloth or towel that we do not mind getting dirty.

Once awake, we will proceed to wash our hair as we usually do.

It is very likely that the first few times we apply the EVOO on our hair we go over with the amounts or fall short. We will notice it especially when we are in the shower washing. The ideal amount is that which allows us to feel “dirty” hair without being wet.

We must be patient and try to find the exact amounts. If, while lightening the hair, we still notice it dry, we will apply a second dose of shampoo, the latter allowing the product to penetrate for longer. We will rinse it with warm water

EVOO for what type of hair is more beneficial?

If we have curly hair, the EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) will be very beneficial since this type of hair manages to retain more moisture and the definition of curl. The evoo will reduce or eliminate even the frizz so frequent in curly hairs, as well as mitigate the damage suffered by applying products such as foam or dryer heat.

Blond or dyed hair is usually drier; It is more sensitive and permeable to external aggressions (sun, dust, pollution, etc.), which makes it more fragile, tends to become dehydrated and lose its natural shine. We must be careful in the amounts and frequency with which we apply EVOO in blond hair, because if we exceed and do not respect the minimum two weeks between application and application, the blond tone can acquire a greenish hue.

Blond and / or dry hairs it is advisable not to wash them in excess, at most three times a week; Use shampoos with the smallest possible chemical component and hydrate the tips with oil or mask frequently. When washing the hair, it is important that we rinse it with warm water and finish with cold water, due to its action on the cuticles.

If the hair is dyed it is more vulnerable to all kinds of external factors, so it is recommended that the application of EVOO be weekly, especially in summer.

If we have oily hair, although it may seem contradictory, the application of EVOO is very beneficial because we precisely damage the hair by using products that reduce this excess fat. In addition, precisely by exceeding ourselves by washing our hair to avoid the garsa, we managed to make it more vulnerable. The doses to be used in this case will be lower (slightly less than a tablespoon) and we will apply it directly to the root.

Only extra virgin olive oil or can we mix?

The application of EVOO exclusivity is already a sufficiently important remedy so that our hair looks healthier, soft and shiny, but we can make mixtures with other ingredients, as we indicate below.

The procedure would be the same as we mentioned, first the massage and leave about half an hour, especially with the hair wrapped in a towel previously heated.

  • EVOO and Aloe Vera: with the pulp of a couple of aloe vera leaves, we make a juice with 75ml of water and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Aloe vera has regenerative properties and reactivates blood flow.
  • Honey, EVOO and Aloe Vera: these two extra ingredients will bring more shine to the hair. Two tablespoons of honey, one of extra virgin olive oil and the Aloe Vera.
  • EVOO and Honey: 3 tablespoons of honey and two extra virgin olive oil.
  • EVOO and Rosemary: we will make an infusion of rosemary with a spoonful of rosemary leaves. Once cold, we will add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. This remedy will contribute favorably to blood circulation.

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