Purchase conditions

01 The Green Gold Olive Oil Company’s (https://ggoliveoilcompany.com) Purchase System

All purchases made through The Green Gold Olive Oil Company (https://ggoliveoilcompany.com) are subject to the current regulations in Spain, as well as the rest of the legal provisions related to international transactions. Purchases made at The Green Gold Olive Oil Company (https://ggoliveoilcompany.com) are subject to the statutory and effective VAT at all times.

02 Product purchase

The characteristics of the products and their prices are on the website. The items and services will be available for sale until the stock is finished. Prices shown on the website are in euros with VAT included and are in force, except in case of a typing error. Offers are properly marked and identified as such. I ts validity has effectiveness as shown on the website.

03 Completion of the order

The customer who wants to make a purchase at The Green Gold Olive Oil Company (https://ggoliveoilcompany.com) must read and accept the general conditions of sale that are included in the appropriate section of the homepage. The completion of a purchase will be understood as carried out under the full acceptance of the general conditions of purchase contained in the page. The products will be shipped to the shipping address specified.

The Green Gold Olive Oil Company (https://ggoliveoilcompany.com) reserves the right to reject any purchase, even if the payment is made, in which case the company will return the full purchase amount.

04 Customer Service

If the customer is not satisfied with the products purchased at The Green Gold Olive Oil Company (https://ggoliveoilcompany.com), the customer may contact the company to return the product within a period of maximum 7 days from receipt of the product. Returns must be sent along with the copy of the delivery note accompanying the expedition. For any possible incident or complaint, we recommend you contact us by email at greengold@ggoliveoilcompany.com. Refunds will be made upon signature.

The rules on returns (regulated by Law 7/1996 of January 15th), claims, warranty and invoicing are as follows: Refunds will only be accepted if the products are in their original containers with the product in perfect condition.

The delivery of the invoice is valid as a manufacturer’s warranty and will take effect from the day the delivery is made to the buyer’s address. Claims for possible incidents such as the product is delivered damaged, wrong, or any other cause of complaint should be treated as follows: In the case of returning the product, the customer must send the product to The Green Gold Olive Oil Company within 7 days of receipt.> The return costs will be the customer’s responsibility (according to Law 7/1996 of January 15th). If the customer wants to replace the product, The Green Gold Olive Oil Company is committed to deliver to the customer another product in perfect condition when the defective product is received.

05 Shipments

Shipments generated through purchase orders will be handled by private courier and transport services.

06 Warranty

All the information generated by The Green Gold Olive Oil Company (https://ggoliveoilcompany.com) are optimally presented and according to the process and application of our products. Buyer’s knowledge is not excluded.

07 Delivery

7.1. 7.1. The Green Gold Olive Oil Company has enough material in stock to make the shipment.

7.2. 7.2. If the buyer delays in fulfilling its applicable obligations, The Green Gold Olive Oil Company is not obligated to perform the delivery.

7.3. 7.3. When the payment of the purchase is confirmed, the goods will be delivered no later than 7 working days from the date of such confirmation. Purchases made on Saturday, Sunday or holidays will be effective on the following Monday or the next business day.

08 Billing

8.1. 8.1. In case no other agreement is made, our deliveries remain in stock.

8.2. 8.2. The current prices on the date in question are valid for billing. In case of claims, the customer can return the material requested within 7 days after shipping. 8.3.

8.3. Prices are determined with VAT included.

09 Severability

If any of the conditions listed here is declared void or inapplicable, this does not invalidate the remaining of the general conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect. TNull or inapplicable conditions should be replaced and integrated with others that comply with the law, according to the meaning and purpose of the replaced conditions. The customer expressly disclaims any compensation that may be appropriate for the declaration of annulment or inapplicability or for the replacement of null or inapplicable conditions in the event of application of the present conditions.

Appendix one:

These general conditions replace any and all previous offers and manifestations, whether oral or written, made by The Green Gold Olive Oil Company or executed on its behalf by authorized persons. In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13th on Personal Data Protection, the personal data that the customer of The Green Gold Olive Oil Company can inform as a result of a particular purchase will be included in a file that can only be designed, implemented and used to provide care and formalize the aforementioned acquisition and cannot be transferred or assigned to third parties in any way, not even only for conservation purposes. The customer may at any time exercise their legally established rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. These general conditions of purchase are governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law. The Green Gold Olive Oil Company, visitors of this website and any person or company using or hiring any product or service provided herein, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, except for cases where it is not legally permitted, are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Madrid, Spain, for the resolution of any problems that may arise concerning the interpretation, application and compliance with these conditions, as well as disputes arising from any use of this website. Failure to comply with an agreed delivery date can only result in a claim by the customer in case a new date agreed by both parties is violated again. The Green Gold Olive Oil Company disclaims any liability for the rights to third parties arising from the delivery of the material. The date valid for the realization of billing and the purchase price of our products will be the date of receipt of the order or payment by credit card on The Green Gold Olive Oil Company. Deviations from these general conditions of purchase, especially the validity of the buyer’s reference, need our express written authorization. All our products are subject to technical improvements, change of color or availability without notice.