Land work in the olive tree grove at Sierra de Segura

January – March | Pruning trees: It is the time to prune and fertilize the soil with the remains of pruning, developing a natural vegetal cover, which helps to improve the soil structure and to fix nutrients, improving soil moisture and acting as a primary fungicide and insecticide.

April – May | Cure: Treatment of the tree’s vegetal cover, leaves, etc., with products that help trees to be protected against pests and provide food and amino acids. We also perform the cleaning of the soil.

June – September | Irrigation, fertilization…: During this time, we irrigate the olive trees and remove the stems that grow on the trunks to help the sap from reaching the branches and fruits. Sometimes it is necessary to fertilize the soil.

September – Octuber | Preparing the Harvest: Soil cleaning and preparation for the olive replacement.

Octuber – December | Olive Harvest: Depending on the year, weather conditions and the desired quality, the harvest is scheduled at the right time, which will depend on each area of the olive grove. Harvesting is done through manual processes using traditional techniques.